Cinema’s Sean Sexton recently made the move from Phoenix, AZ to Austin, TX so we hit him up with a few questions to get the low down. Check out what Sean has to say about the move after the jump.

Why move to Austin? You’ve lived there before so what does Austin have to offer that Phoenix doesn’t?

“It’s kinda just opportunity knocking, I guess. I love Arizona, but I got the chance to live somewhere sweet, with some of my closest friends, so why not? Plus having a whole foods/skatepark/trails two blocks away is always sweet!” 

Is the move to Austin temporary, or do you plan on staying there for a while?

“Hopefully for a while. I’d hate to have to keep lugging my shit all over the place, so I’m trying to settle down for a minute.”

What’s your living situation in Austin like? Got any roommates?

“I live in an awesome apartment, right in downtown, with my good friend Chase (Hawk) and his girlfriend Lauren. They’re both awesome people, whom I get along with really well, so I’m stoked! Can’t wait for all the good times, and memories!”

When can we expect to see the Empire video? Rumors have been flying around that it will be done soon?

“Hopefully! At this point, your guess is as good as mine. I just hope my part is okay!”

How does the riding scene in Austin compare to Phoenix (spots, dudes to ride with, bike friendly parks, etc.)?

“As far as Arizona goes, it’s a really dope place, but really spread out. It’s kind of like Cali, in the sense that you need a car to get around, and find the good stuff. It’s different in Austin because you can ride everywhere. Or, in my case, ride a motorcycle all around town with my bike strapped to the back. Plus the music/nightlife scene just dominates Arizona too. But, I love them both!”

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  2. cheyman says:

    dude your a badass wanna do what your doin in a couple of years! Insperation..

  3. allday says:

    sean you the man, grip it and rip it!

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